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Engage Needs List

This is a list of items we use on a weekly basis at our Engage Houses. If your family, church, small group, or business would like to help with providing any of these items on a one time or regular basis, please let us know. We greatly appreciate your love and support. 

Trash Bags​

Cleaning Supplies


-toilet cleaner

-glass cleaner

-kitchen/bathroom cleaner


Air Fresheners

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Laundry Detergent

Dish Soap


Toiletries for men and women

-shaving cream



-tooth brushes


-feminie hygeine items

Gas Gift cards - used for taking those we serve to and from work, interviews, and appointments


Food Gift Cards - used for the Engage Houses and families in need of food assistance

Burger King and Family Dollar Gift Cards - we use gift cards in amounts of $5 to be able to help those on the streets get needed items at the local family dollar or even a meal if necessary at the local Burger King

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